Jeb is Running

Jeb is running! Woohoo! I just sent him this letter:

I’m sorry Jeb, but as a principled Tea Party conservative, I can’t support you. You may mean well, but if you really cared more about this country than your own political ambitions, you would have stayed out of this race. The truth is, once Ted Cruz got in the race, we didn’t really need anybody else. We now have almost a dozen candidates, and most of them are much more qualified than you to be the Republican candidate for president. As a member of the party establishment, you’ve lost something that can hardly be regained: deeply-held principles and an understanding of reality. Not inside-the-beltway reality, but the reality that average citizens from across the spectrum of life experience every day. The very fact that you are running after your disastrous months of “exploration” demonstrates that disconnect. You aren’t the kind of “conservative” who has deep convictions and can expound them. For these reasons, we can’t support you. And I really don’t think you can win the nomination. But if you do, the only reason that you just might beat Hillary (or Sanders), is because they are such atrocious candidates, even for Democrats. Thank you for listening.

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